Sam Met Hecht and MacArthur

pennsylvania-under-golden-gate as Smart Object-1 Uss Indianapolis2

Monday July 17,1939. “Up early and cleaned the flat. Had the car greased. From den window saw the fleet depart. Water canon salute. Irene M. over in the afternoon. Picked up Sam at 9:30. Took Leaches home. One rum coke.”

Golden Gate Park

Golden Gate Park 1939. Photo from Jeanne’s album.

Tuesday July 18, 1939. “Made appointment for Jeanne’s perm tomorrow. To the bank, cashed check. Walked in the park with Bijou. Later Jeanne and I to the park with Bijou and the kitten. Nite: Tony over with the Mortons who are leaving in the morning.


Wednesday July 19, 1939 “I window shopped while Jeanne got her perm. Bought two pairs of gloves. Went to Chinatown – Pagoda – for a drink, and then El Prado. Picked up Sam and then dinner in Chinatown. Clar’s marriage split!”

JohnWayneStageCoachsan-francisco-jeanette-macdonald-clark-gable-1936 as Smart Object-1

Thursday July 20, 1939. “Nice walk in the park. P.M. Jeanne and I walked to the library and then to a show. Stagecoach and San Francisco. Check from Ruth came. Nite: Tony and Phil over for a short time. Rene here. It was HOT today.”

SaturdayEveningPost July1939Image Source Christian Montone

Friday July 21, 1939. “Jeanne and I downtown. Bought her two bathing suits and a sweat shirt. Back to Clement Street and shopped. Nite: picked Sam up. Turkey + Cafe Diablo. Jacopetti’s. Jeanne and Rene to the show. HOT day!”

ben-hecht-06 as Smart Object-1 CharlesMacArthur

Ben Hecht and Charles MacArthur. Prolific writers individually, but also collaborated on several renown projects including the play Ladies and Gentlemen which was performing in San Francisco at this time. The film version was Perfect Strangers. They also wrote Twentieth Century, and a constant Hollywood favorite, The Front Page. Hecht was particularly busy in 1939 which saw completed screenplays for Some Like It Hot, Gone with the Wind, Gunga Din, and Wuthering Heights.

Saturday July 22, 1939. “Took Bijou for a walk in the park. Foggy and delightful. Shopped at Clement Street and sent money orders. Jeanne and I to Geary Street, then a lazy afternoon. Sam was invited to the Press Club and met Hecht and MacArthur. Picked him up at 8 PM. Tom Collins at Jacopetti’s and then home.”

Land's End

Fort Miley & Lands End, January 1939. Golden Gate Park, upper right. Photo source John Martini.

Sunday July 23, 1939 “Took Sam to plant for a while then we walked to Lands End. Home, read and lazed most of the day.”



Martin – Frazenbach


Jeanne’s grandparents on her father’s side. Otto Rudolph Martin from Saxony (Germany) and Agnes Franzenbach also from Germany. They were married on June 18th 1891 in Walla Walla, Washington, U.S.A.

Agnes Martin

Agnes Franzenbach was born on April 4, 1865 in Cöln, Germany. She came to the U.S. through New York on October 25,1889 with her first husband John Michels aboard the Belgenland. On the back of the photo she wrote: “This was taken, made in Pendleton Oregon. I don’t remember when. Long time ago.”

Val 205

Otto Rudolph Martin, he went by Rudolph, was born in Oederan – Kingdom of Saxony (now part of Germany) – on July 19, 1853. He demonstrated, though various documents he ever faced filling out, that he claimed Saxony as his origin, not Germany. Rudolph immigrated to the U.S. in 1881, coming through Baltimore aboard the ship Hohenzollern on August 4th, 1881.

The caption for the above photo reads “Dad Martin his delivery wagon. The building being built is Dad’s State Hotel” Further research needs to be done to know the exact location of  the State Hotel. Businesses in the background include one W.G. Hansford & Company – Stoves. Also a banner reading The Fair. Under it US Boys Club. I can also make out “Hair, Shoes, Trunks.”

Census records through the decades indicate Rudolph’s Bakery and Grocery occupation or business in  both Pendleton and Portland, Oregon. The 1900 Census lists Railroad Street. 1910 Census showing Mississippi Avenue in Portland. But through the years, according to Bette’s memoirs, Rudolph owned many properties and could be possibly described as a compulsive Lessor (landlord).

Agnes "Mama"190

Agnes Franzenbach Martin, 1895, Pendleton, Oregon. The 1900 Census lists her as a Saleswoman in Pendleton. “Chew Horse Shoe Plug Tobacco.” Shall we assume this was a product in her sales portfolio?

William Franzenback

Agnes had a brother, William Frazenbach. His history however is tragic. On the back of this portrait Agnes wrote: “I am Agnes Martin. This is my brother William Frazenbach. Somebody killed him in Medford for his money. He was a fine man.”

Val 207

A note on the back, perhaps written by Carola, reads “The Pendleton House where all of us were born”

Carola, Frances, Otto

Carola, Frances, Otto (Val).

Val 210

Otto (Val).




Martin family, 1907 at their home on Kerby and Graham Avenue, Portland Oregon. A caption reads “We are all here. Otto (upper left), Frances (lower left), Dad and Lewis (lower steps), Mama (upper steps), and Carola (upper right). The house no longer stands. A concrete parking structure is there now as part of a hospital complex.

Dad and LewisMomFrancesVal_Carola

Rudolph Martin and Lewis “Bob”  Agnes “Mama,” “Mutti”    Frances                            Otto (Val),  Jeanne’s Dad                               Carola


Yet another Martin Frazenbach property. On the back it reads “The house Dad built in Oak Grove about 1907 or 1908 possibly a little later.”

Bette recalls in her memoirs her grandparent’s home life “Mutti (Agnes Martin) and Dad (Rudolph Martin) were from Germany and spoke a lot of German, or English, with an accent, and I grew up hearing it. I recognized a lot of German words, but I didn’t really speak a lot of it. I picked up more of the accent and ways of pronouncing certain words that I relearned quickly when I started school.”


Relentless home buyer and Landlord Rudolph Martin, early 1920’s.

It was reported by Agnes Martin that Otto Rudolph Martin, born in the Republic of Saxony on July 15, 1853, son of Wilhelm Martin  and Mollie Spindle, passed away on May 3, 1939 in Long Beach, WA. He is buried in Portland Cemetery. Agnes passed away in 1952, and is also buried in Portland Cemetery.

Frances Martin_Cousin Bette1

Jeanne’s aunt Frances and Cousin Betty (Bette).  Bette explained in her memoirs She was “Betty” until she was 15 years old. “One day I got a letter… addressed to BETTE BAKER. I was enchanted! Bette Davis was the leading actress in the movies in those days, so I thought it sounded so glamorous. From that day on, I was BETTE.”

Betty Jane2 Betty Jane1

Bette remembers, “My very earliest memories are going to Mutti and Dad’s beach house in Long Beach, Washington for three months every summer.

“I went every summer until I got married in 1940. The old house was several blocks from the beach, but I remember walking down there with Mutti and Dad to pick up driftwood to burn in the wood stove. Dad would tie it up and drag it along behind him back to the house.”

More of Bette’s Story

Also visit Family of Otto Rudolph Martin and Agnes Frazenback



Ladies and Gentlemen

An ongoing series illustrating the diary of my grandmother Helen Hussey. Current entries: The San Francisco Sojourn 1939-1940.


Monday July 10, 1939 “Cleaned up some of the party mess. Nite: Jeanne and I to the premiere of Helen Hayes in Ladies and Gentlemen. Very good. Home about midnight.”

Tuesday July 11, 1939 “Quiet day. Nite: Marc and Olie over for short time.”

BetteDavisDarkVivtory Dark+Victory+3 as Smart Object-1

Wednesday July 12, 1939 “Jeanne and I to the matinee. Betty Davis, Dark Victory. Nite: Sam and I to the library and to Tony’s to see Mortons who called this a.m.”


USS Enterprise entering San Francisco Bay on July 3, 1939. Official U.S. Navy Photo

July 13, 1939. “Jeanne and I picked up Mildred and we went to the airplane carrier Enterprise. Nice long boat ride. Back through the Presidio – beach for a hot dog. Nite: Picked up Sam and took Tommy home.”


July 14, 1939 “Grand day. Jeanne and I hiked along the coast – cliffs – tunnel – wrecks. Grand!! Picked up Sam. Had turkey at Jacopetti’s.”

Lonely Planet Guide to San Francisco writes San Francisco is partially built on the wrecked and scuttled remains of old ships. Most of  the Guide’s walk through the streets near the Embarcadero is over reclaimed land, some of it layered over the scores of sailing ships scuttled in the bay to provide landfill.

A good part of coastal San Francisco is not built on solid ground, but on the forgotten residue of buried ships.  The basements of some 19th-century San Francisco homes weren’t basements at all… they were the hulls of lost ships. “As late as Jan 1857, old hulks still obstructed the harbor while others had been overtaken by the bayward march of the city front and formed basements or cellars to tenements built on their decks. Even now [1888] remains of the vessels are found under the filled foundations of houses.”

In other words, when you walked downstairs to grab a jar of preserved fruit – you stepped into the remains of an old ship.

Those ships are still down there and they’re still being discovered.

In the late 1960s, as San Francisco was building its BART subway system, discoveries of ships and ship fragments occurred regularly. Over the following decades, ships and pieces of ships appeared during several major construction projects along the shore. As recently as 1994, construction workers digging a tunnel found a 200-foot-long (61-meter) ship 35 feet (11 meters) underground. Rather than attempt to remove the ship which would have been both costly and dangerous they simply tunneled right through it. When buried ships are found, they are sometimes looted for bottles, coins, and other valuable antiques frequently found inside. Among the prizes found in the ships have been intact, sealed bottles of champagne and whiskey, nautical equipment, and a variety of personal effects from the passengers and crews.

Under San Francisco an entire armada of lost fishing ships, now rotting in the mud, nameless and undiscovered, shivering with every earthquake. Original content:


Saturday July 15, 1939. “Jeanne and I downtown. Window shopped. Nite: Rene over – Sam worked. Had to pick him up late. Bessie over with candy. Took Tommy + headaches home – We arrived home at 4:30 AM.”

Statue Of Creation

Bjorn Palenius

Sunday July 16, 1939. “Up early to take Sam to the plant. Saw part of the parade. Bought 17 bottles of beer. Home + napped – up – ate – bed 10:30. Jeanne to the Fair.”

Jeanne Martin “Pictures Of My Vacation In Washington (Long…

World's Longest Beach

Jeanne’s grandparents (Otto Rudolph Martin and Agnes Franzenbach) on her father’s side (Val Martin) had a beach house in Long Beach, Washington. Jeanne’s “Big Cousin Bette (daughter of Val’s sister, Frances) spent most of her childhood summers at that beach house. Not sure how often Jeanne went to visit, but the summer of 38 is the only one I’ve found documented so far, at least to this extent.

Notes from the diary of Helen Hussey. Photos from Jeanne’s scrapbook.

Monday July 18, 1939. “Check came by Special Delivery for Jeanne to go to Portland, Oregon.”
Tuesday July 19, 1938 “To the bank and cashed Jeanne’s check. Bought her ticket. She got her permanent – end curl – pageboy.”
Wednesday July 20, 1938 “Got a Special Delivery Air Mail from Tony. She and Junior will see Jeanne in San Francisco.”
Thursday July 21, 1938 “Jeanne left today at 3:23. Hated to see her go. Special Delivery Airmail from Carola begging me to go. Wish I could.”
Friday July 22, 1938 “Tony phoned from San Francisco to tell me Jeanne stopped over until tonight.”

1 Long Beach Trip_

Sunday July 24, 1938 “Jeanne arrived safely in Portland, Oregon.”
Monday July 25, 1938. “Got two cards from Jeanne.”
Tuesday July 27, 1938 “Card from Jeanne.”
Wednesday July 28, 1938 “Letter from Jeanne. Weather doesn’t sound too pleasant up there.”

Big Cousin BetteMe at the side of Mom's cabin

Jeanne with her “end curl “ pageboy” haircut. “Mom” was Jeanne’s grandmother, also known as “Mutti.” Grandfather was known as “Dad.”

Stanly Redfern

“Stanly Redfern”

Goody Shop or Hang OutGoody Shop or Hang Out Surf Freeze Ice CreamSome of the gang"Dep"redoux

Meryville Deputy 

GettingThe Town Car Started

“Getting the Town Car started.”


“Stan the ladies man and the Town Car.”

Monday August 1, 1938 “Got two letters from Jeanne Today.”
Tuesday August 2, 1938 “Jerry over in the morning asking about Jeanne. Letter from Jeanne.”

“Friday August 5, 1938 “Letter from Carola. Jeanne staying longer.”
Sunday August 8, 1838 “Two letters from Jeanne.”

2 Long Beach Trip3

North Head Lighthouse



Bette and RuthLillianAndDorothyLBHotel

“Mary and Dorothy in front of the Long Beach Motel”

Long_Beach_Hotel_Long_Beach_WA_April_1953 as Smart Object-1Long Beach Post Card_1Bette and Lillian

Monday August 11, 1938 “Irene and I took a bus to Santa Monica and saw Rudolph Valentino in Son Of The Sheik. Jeanne very prominent in 2 scenes.” After Val and Helen Martin moved from Santa Rosa and Northern California to Southern California, they landed jobs in Hollywood in the film industry. (Jeanne was born September 22, 1923 in Long Beach, California). The 1928 phone directory lists Val as “director, actor.” Apparently however his livelihood was mostly related to set dressing and perhaps Extra work. Born Rudolph Otto Martin, his childhood name was Otto. As an adult he went by Val, according to Helen, because he liked and emulated Rudolph Valentino. Helen worked in Make Up. Helen and Jeanne were extras in Rudolph Valentino’s Son of the Sheik. As Helen noted, Jeanne caught a couple of prominent camera angles in that film.

“Big Cousin Bette” was Val’s niece, and daughter of Frances Martin who was sister of Val Martin, Carola Martin, and Bob Martin. Val Martin died in tragic circumstances in 1936 which this blog will cover in more detail later on. So this trip to Long Beach was still very much in the wake of what was the most tragic event in Jeanne’s young life.

Friday August 12, 1938 “Received two letters from Jeanne.”
Monday August 15, 1938 “Letter from Jeanne.”
Wednesday August 17, 1938 “Letter from Jeanne, staying two more weeks.”

“Letter(s) from Jeanne” Friday the 19, and Wednesday the 24, 1938.

3 Long Beach Washington Trip Last PageDriftwood Inn Long Beach WashingtonBob Martin

“Uncle Bob” Robert Lewis Martin, brother of Val, Carola, and Frances.


Lanes Redwood Flat “The Beauty Spot” on the Redwood HIghway, California, Route U.S. 101, Piercy, Mendocino County, CA.

Bob Martin 2

Lane'sRedwood Flat_140

Monday August 29, 1938 “Jeanne home at 2 PM. Surprised us – I didn’t expect her until the end of the week. She looks very tired and had been sick on the bus.”

Mom and “Big Cousin Bette” remained in contact over the years. Bette moved with her husband, Robert Clarno, and their four children to San Diego in 1952. I remember going with Mom to visit Bette’s home. My recollection was of a very nice two story house in the vicinity of the Mount Soledad and Torrey Pines road region of La Jolla. I recall lots of kid’s activity options at that house.

Saw James Roosevelt There

NightSceneBjorn Palenius

Saturday July 1, 1939. “Out early and paid the bills. Jeanne and I went to Fort Winfield Scott to see the fleet come in. It was an impressive sight. Nite: To the Plant. Then to Marc’s. Home and Sherry.”

Salici's PuppetsSalici's Puppets2

Sunday July 2, 1939. “Frances, her sons, and Marc here. Drove to the Fair at nite. Saw the puppet show, backstage, etc…” News, Theodore Roosevelt’s head is dedicated at Mount Rushmore.

James_Roosevelt-crop as Smart Object-1 James Roosevelt II (December 23, 1907 August 13, 1991) was the oldest son of U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt. He was a United States Congressman, an officer in the United States Marine Corps, an aide to his father, the official Secretary to the President, a Democratic Party activist, and a businessman with varied interests.

Monday July 3, 1939. “Marc, Frances, Sam and I to Vanessi’s. Grand dinner – James Roosevelt was there. Then to Jacopetti’s. Met Harry Dixson. Then to Izzy’s. The town is full of sailors – grand time.”


Tuesday July 4, 1939. ” Quiet 4th. Home all day – sherry – lunch for the crowd. Ralph and Scotty called in the afternoon. Nite: all to Fisherman’s Wharf for spaghetti feed. Swell ride around the waterfront and to the Presidio.” News, Lou Gehrig gives his “Today, I consider myself the luckiest man on the face of the earth” farewell speech.”

Tobacco-Road_souvenir_1935_front-cover as Smart Object-1

Wednesday July 5, 1939. “Jeanne and I with Zella to the matinee of Tobacco Road. Frances and kids left late afternoon. They left a dozen wine glasses for me. Tony dropped in. To bed early.”

Thursday July 6, 1939. “Lovely day – Took Bijou and walked to the beach and back. Then Jeanne and I walked to the library and back. Nite: Gina and John Waldron here. Sherry and Seagrams. Quite a nite. Sam to bed at 2:30. The rest of us at daylight.”


Friday July 7, 1939. “Took Gina and John to look at houses…”


“…Nite: Sam and I shopped for party tomorrow night. Lots of grub, 4 quarts of gin, 1/2 gallon of sherry, 1 dozen mixers.”

Saturday July 8, 1939. “Jeanne and I cleaned house and prepared for the party. The Rosses, Marc and Bessie, Palmer, Gina and John, Rene, and later Francisco was here. Edith, Shelton, quite a party. Broke up at 4 AM. Bessie and Marc here all night. Kitten finally came out.”

Marc Messinger

Sunday July 9, 1939 “Up at 8 AM because of Marc. Tony stopped in. Beer Breakfast. Marc and Bessie to golf links. Marc back in the evening and stayed all night. Jeanne went to the Fair.” An old map is required to see where this was located. The numbers along Sutter today are different–no 7244, or even close to it.

More Adventure With Party!!

An ongoing series illustrating the diary of my grandmother Helen Hussey. Current entries: The San Francisco Sojourn 1939-1940.

The Palace Of Fine ArtsFullPage

Saturday June 24, 1939. “Sam, Jeanne and I to the Fair. Sam and I went to the Palace of Fine and Decorative Arts.”


“After met Jeanne and Tony in Brazil.”

HappyValley Image Source San Francisco Public Library. “Lona Norman and Chuch Price exhibit the latest in jitterbug technique at the opening of Treasure Island’s newest $1,000 cash prize jitterbug contest. Lona and Chuck took one of the nightly prizes at the Happy Valley Ranch, where nightly competitions will be held for the next six weeks. (GOLDEN GATE INTERNATIONAL EXPOSITION PHOTO)”

“Happy Valley! Sam went home but Jeanne and I stayed for more adventure with party!”

Hussey SF Fair 1939

Sam Hussey walking away from Happy Valley Ranch (sign above his right shoulder).

FortScottUniversity of North Texas Libraries

Image Source: University of North Texas Libraries

Sunday June 25, 1939 “Sam and I took a nice ride in the morning to Fort Winfield Scott and the 49 Mile Drive. Lazed and read rest of the day.”


Monday June 26, 1939. “Downtown with Tony – Window shopped and bought bath powder. Walked in the park in the afternoon. Nite: bought two lamps.”


Tuesday June 27, 1939 “Went to the Fair with Tony. Indian exhibit was marvelous!”


“Visted Hawaii…”




“Columbia and the Island Club…”

Musée Mécanique TicketFoodsAndBeveragesBldg2

“At nite went to Musichanique. Home about 9:30.”


Crystal Palace Market Video

Wednesday June 28, 1939. “Jeanne and I to take magazine to Sam at K.C. Shopped at Crystal Market. Home. Then to the library and Clement Street.


Clement Street Video


Thursday June 29, 1939 “Jeanne and I to the Fair. Saw the Clipper take off. To the Swiss Village, etc. Home about 9:30.”


Friday June 30, 1939 “Cleaned the flat. Jeanne and I rode to Fort Winfield Scott and Coit Tower. Nite: Pacific Gas and Electric man over. Sherry. Marc and Bess over for a while. Rene here and sang.”

Jeanne Bought A Fur Chubby

Portal Of The Pacific_Tower of SunBjorn Palenius

Friday June 16, 1939. “Mrs. H sick!! Kids arrived from Santa Monica at 12:30. Nite: Rooke and Jeanne to the Fair. I picked up Sam. Had a few drinks at Tony’s. Then to Leache’s apartment. Back home and Tom Collins. Paid Rent!!

Saturday June 17, 1939. “Reilly’s over at nite. Tom Collins.”

Sunday June 18, 1939. “Another day of Tom Collins. Sam got Phil a job at the Plant.”


Monday June 19, 1939. “To the beauty shop early. Hair fixed better. Jeanne bought a fur chubby.”

Tuesday June 20, 1939. “The curse so didn’t feel very well all day. Letters fro Yvonne and Irene delivered.”


Wednesday June 21, 1939. “Jeanne, Zella and I to the early show at Golden Gate. Saw the Kay Kyser and His Band movie. Swell!!!”

ManningsSan Francisco Public Library Collection

Thursday June 22, 1939. “Jeanne and I to town in the afternoon with Tony and Dodo. Lunch at Mannings. Bought shirt for Sam’s birthday. Window shopped. Rene out at nite.”

Officers' Club, Fort ScottFort Winfield Scott Officers’ Club InteriorFt_Winfield_ScottLegionOfhonorPostCardLegion of Honor

Friday June 23, 1939 “Cleaned the flat. Jeanne and I took a ride to Fort Winfield Scott and to the Legion of Honor. Super!”

Tom Collins

Muir Woods Postcard Rescan Muir Woods Postcard2

Tourists and Ranger at Muir Woods

Thursday June 1, 1939. “With Clarence and Claire to Marin County, Muir Woods, Mill Valley, San Geronimo, etc. Beautiful! Check for $40 from Ruth.”



Sinaloa’s menu

Friday June 2, 1939. “Met Sam at 5:45 – Dinner at Lucca’s – Good! To Jacopetti’s, Sinaloa, and Izzy’s – Marc, Palmer and Eve joined us there.”

Court Of The Seven Seas 3

Image Courtesy of Bjorn Palenius

Saturday June 3, 1939 “To the Fair with Tony. Several drinks in various places. Lots of walking and seeing some new exhibits. Home about 10:30.”


Sunday June 4, 1939 “Clarence and Claire left this morning before we were up. Sam and I went to the park. Saw baby buffalo.”


Monday June 5, 1939 “To town and paid bills. Home and Mrs. H asked me to go with her. Back home and a check from Ruth and Broox Randall Insurance Co. for safe driving. Out again with Mrs. H. to pick up her daughter.”

Sunbeam+Toaster as Smart Object-1

The 1938 & 1939 Sunbeam Model T-9 Toaster

Tuesday June 6, 1939 “Perm and touch up. Home 3:25. Surprise! Found toaster, tray, etc from Claire and Clarence. Evening walked through the park with Sam and took Bijou.”

1939 Fleischmann’s Gin Extra Dry Tom Collins Cocktails Drinks Vintage Print Ad

Wednesday June 7, 1939 “Slight hangover. Slept till ten. Zella Reilly over. Had Tom Collins and talked. Shopped and picked up Jeanne. Nite: radio and Tom Collins with Sam.”


Lighting Of The Courts


Wednesday May 24, 1939. “Jeanne home with a cold. Nite: Sam and I to Parks for grand dinner. Home about 10:30.”

Aquatic Park Beach
The beach at Aquatic Park

Thursday May 25, 1939. “Jeanne and I walked to the beach in A.M. Layed on the beach in sun for a time. Marc, Eve, little Eve, and Lyle over.”
IzzyGomez200px Izzy Gomez.

Friday May 26, 1939. “Met Sam after work with Carola and Joe. To The Shack for dinner. Then to Jacopetti’s and Izzy’s. Then to William Tell House and ended at Izzy’s.”

1939-Kedettes-Shoes as Smart Object-1

Saturday May 27, 1939. “Jeanne and I bought skirts, coats and kedettes at Tony’s. ”

Jeanne'sAlbumSanFrancisco3Fair_BrazilGuatemala PavilionGuatemalaBlurb

“Then to the Fair in Tenny’s car. Grand Time! Guatemala, Brazil, etc. Nite: to Eve’s about 10 PM. Waited to meet Marc, but he never showed. Home about 1:30.”


Sunday May 28, 1939 “Another lovely day. Took Sam to the plant and picked him up again at 12:30. Noodles in Chinatown. Home and napped until 5 PM. To Geary Street for a short time.”

Monday May 29, 1939. “Clarchen and Clarence came out in the afternoon and later for dinner. Tony out too. Carola and Joe left at 8:45.”

Lighted Courts and PondsImages courtesy of Bjorn Palenius

Tuesday May 30. “Jeanne, Tony, and I to the Fair. Met Mary B. Nite: to various courts for lighting. Gorgeous! Very warm day and nite. Sam home writing and resting.”


Helen, Tony, and Jeanne. The photo is dated August 26, but illustrates here just as well. 

Wednesday May 31, 1939. “Shopped and took Bijou to the park. Nite: to bed early.