Jeanne Bought A Fur Chubby

Portal Of The Pacific_Tower of SunBjorn Palenius

Friday June 16, 1939. “Mrs. H sick!! Kids arrived from Santa Monica at 12:30. Nite: Rooke and Jeanne to the Fair. I picked up Sam. Had a few drinks at Tony’s. Then to Leache’s apartment. Back home and Tom Collins. Paid Rent!!

Saturday June 17, 1939. “Reilly’s over at nite. Tom Collins.”

Sunday June 18, 1939. “Another day of Tom Collins. Sam got Phil a job at the Plant.”


Monday June 19, 1939. “To the beauty shop early. Hair fixed better. Jeanne bought a fur chubby.”

Tuesday June 20, 1939. “The curse so didn’t feel very well all day. Letters fro Yvonne and Irene delivered.”


Wednesday June 21, 1939. “Jeanne, Zella and I to the early show at Golden Gate. Saw the Kay Kyser and His Band movie. Swell!!!”

ManningsSan Francisco Public Library Collection

Thursday June 22, 1939. “Jeanne and I to town in the afternoon with Tony and Dodo. Lunch at Mannings. Bought shirt for Sam’s birthday. Window shopped. Rene out at nite.”

Officers' Club, Fort ScottFort Winfield Scott Officers’ Club InteriorFt_Winfield_ScottLegionOfhonorPostCardLegion of Honor

Friday June 23, 1939 “Cleaned the flat. Jeanne and I took a ride to Fort Winfield Scott and to the Legion of Honor. Super!”

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