Tom Collins

Muir Woods Postcard Rescan Muir Woods Postcard2

Tourists and Ranger at Muir Woods

Thursday June 1, 1939. “With Clarence and Claire to Marin County, Muir Woods, Mill Valley, San Geronimo, etc. Beautiful! Check for $40 from Ruth.”



Sinaloa’s menu

Friday June 2, 1939. “Met Sam at 5:45 – Dinner at Lucca’s – Good! To Jacopetti’s, Sinaloa, and Izzy’s – Marc, Palmer and Eve joined us there.”

Court Of The Seven Seas 3

Image Courtesy of Bjorn Palenius

Saturday June 3, 1939 “To the Fair with Tony. Several drinks in various places. Lots of walking and seeing some new exhibits. Home about 10:30.”


Sunday June 4, 1939 “Clarence and Claire left this morning before we were up. Sam and I went to the park. Saw baby buffalo.”


Monday June 5, 1939 “To town and paid bills. Home and Mrs. H asked me to go with her. Back home and a check from Ruth and Broox Randall Insurance Co. for safe driving. Out again with Mrs. H. to pick up her daughter.”

Sunbeam+Toaster as Smart Object-1

The 1938 & 1939 Sunbeam Model T-9 Toaster

Tuesday June 6, 1939 “Perm and touch up. Home 3:25. Surprise! Found toaster, tray, etc from Claire and Clarence. Evening walked through the park with Sam and took Bijou.”

1939 Fleischmann’s Gin Extra Dry Tom Collins Cocktails Drinks Vintage Print Ad

Wednesday June 7, 1939 “Slight hangover. Slept till ten. Zella Reilly over. Had Tom Collins and talked. Shopped and picked up Jeanne. Nite: radio and Tom Collins with Sam.”


I am Dan Soderberg, award winning documentary film maker and phototgrapher specializing in architecture, historic preservation and nature.

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