Lighting Of The Courts


Wednesday May 24, 1939. “Jeanne home with a cold. Nite: Sam and I to Parks for grand dinner. Home about 10:30.”

Aquatic Park Beach
The beach at Aquatic Park

Thursday May 25, 1939. “Jeanne and I walked to the beach in A.M. Layed on the beach in sun for a time. Marc, Eve, little Eve, and Lyle over.”
IzzyGomez200px Izzy Gomez.

Friday May 26, 1939. “Met Sam after work with Carola and Joe. To The Shack for dinner. Then to Jacopetti’s and Izzy’s. Then to William Tell House and ended at Izzy’s.”

1939-Kedettes-Shoes as Smart Object-1

Saturday May 27, 1939. “Jeanne and I bought skirts, coats and kedettes at Tony’s. ”

Jeanne'sAlbumSanFrancisco3Fair_BrazilGuatemala PavilionGuatemalaBlurb

“Then to the Fair in Tenny’s car. Grand Time! Guatemala, Brazil, etc. Nite: to Eve’s about 10 PM. Waited to meet Marc, but he never showed. Home about 1:30.”


Sunday May 28, 1939 “Another lovely day. Took Sam to the plant and picked him up again at 12:30. Noodles in Chinatown. Home and napped until 5 PM. To Geary Street for a short time.”

Monday May 29, 1939. “Clarchen and Clarence came out in the afternoon and later for dinner. Tony out too. Carola and Joe left at 8:45.”

Lighted Courts and PondsImages courtesy of Bjorn Palenius

Tuesday May 30. “Jeanne, Tony, and I to the Fair. Met Mary B. Nite: to various courts for lighting. Gorgeous! Very warm day and nite. Sam home writing and resting.”


Helen, Tony, and Jeanne. The photo is dated August 26, but illustrates here just as well. 

Wednesday May 31, 1939. “Shopped and took Bijou to the park. Nite: to bed early.

I am Dan Soderberg, award winning documentary film maker and phototgrapher specializing in architecture, historic preservation and nature.

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