Sam Met Hecht and MacArthur

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Monday July 17,1939. “Up early and cleaned the flat. Had the car greased. From den window saw the fleet depart. Water canon salute. Irene M. over in the afternoon. Picked up Sam at 9:30. Took Leaches home. One rum coke.”

Golden Gate Park

Golden Gate Park 1939. Photo from Jeanne’s album.

Tuesday July 18, 1939. “Made appointment for Jeanne’s perm tomorrow. To the bank, cashed check. Walked in the park with Bijou. Later Jeanne and I to the park with Bijou and the kitten. Nite: Tony over with the Mortons who are leaving in the morning.


Wednesday July 19, 1939 “I window shopped while Jeanne got her perm. Bought two pairs of gloves. Went to Chinatown – Pagoda – for a drink, and then El Prado. Picked up Sam and then dinner in Chinatown. Clar’s marriage split!”

JohnWayneStageCoachsan-francisco-jeanette-macdonald-clark-gable-1936 as Smart Object-1

Thursday July 20, 1939. “Nice walk in the park. P.M. Jeanne and I walked to the library and then to a show. Stagecoach and San Francisco. Check from Ruth came. Nite: Tony and Phil over for a short time. Rene here. It was HOT today.”

SaturdayEveningPost July1939Image Source Christian Montone

Friday July 21, 1939. “Jeanne and I downtown. Bought her two bathing suits and a sweat shirt. Back to Clement Street and shopped. Nite: picked Sam up. Turkey + Cafe Diablo. Jacopetti’s. Jeanne and Rene to the show. HOT day!”

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Ben Hecht and Charles MacArthur. Prolific writers individually, but also collaborated on several renown projects including the play Ladies and Gentlemen which was performing in San Francisco at this time. The film version was Perfect Strangers. They also wrote Twentieth Century, and a constant Hollywood favorite, The Front Page. Hecht was particularly busy in 1939 which saw completed screenplays for Some Like It Hot, Gone with the Wind, Gunga Din, and Wuthering Heights.

Saturday July 22, 1939. “Took Bijou for a walk in the park. Foggy and delightful. Shopped at Clement Street and sent money orders. Jeanne and I to Geary Street, then a lazy afternoon. Sam was invited to the Press Club and met Hecht and MacArthur. Picked him up at 8 PM. Tom Collins at Jacopetti’s and then home.”

Land's End

Fort Miley & Lands End, January 1939. Golden Gate Park, upper right. Photo source John Martini.

Sunday July 23, 1939 “Took Sam to plant for a while then we walked to Lands End. Home, read and lazed most of the day.”



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