Busy Weekend – No Less on Monday

Empire Hotel

Saturday February 11, 1939. “Jeanne + I to Tony’s business. Bought a skirt for me + a suit for Jeanne–wholesale. Then to other stores. Bought hat and purse. Marion + friend over for short time. Nite with Phil + Tony to Polk Street. Dinner at German American Restaurant. To the Sky Room at Empire Hotel.”

Empire Hotel Picture+Blurb

“Then to Izzy Gomez’ and the Beach.”


Izzy Gomez and salt shaker, “M’ Fren'” Image Source CLAY BANES.

“Home about 11:15.”

Sunday February 12, 1939 “Jeanne, Sam + I took Bijou for nice walk in Golden Gate Park. Started to rain on the way home. Sam + I walked to the branch library + Clement Street. Shopt. Took bus home. Took streetcar to the big library.”

Ferry Building

“Walked to the Ferry Building and took streetcar line number 21 home.. Marion here. Jeanne to movie alone.” 21-car as Smart Object-1

Monday February 13, 1939 “Jeanne + I to town early-paid phone bill. First scraping of fenders.”

san-francisco-chinatown-circa-1950 as Smart Object-1

“Lunch in Chinatown.”

cable+cars as Smart Object-1

“Rode the cable car.”

Jeanne Helen Hussey4


“Nite-Sam all decked out Western Style.”

cissie-loftus-and-hilda-trevelyan1 as Smart Object-1Curran-Theatre_San-Francisco_1922-1 as Smart Object-1

“Took me to see Cecilia Loftus at the Curran.”

I am Dan Soderberg, award winning documentary film maker and phototgrapher specializing in architecture, historic preservation and nature.

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