Friends, Movies, and Tea at Fosters

Clement Street Today_DSC2651

Clement Street 3/15/2014

Monday February 6, 1939. “Quiet day. Home + read except for shopping on Clement Street + picking Jeanne up + to Clement Street again. Nite: with Sam to the branch library.”

Fosters1939 Tranist Terminal

Tuesday February 7. 1939 “To the park early with Bijou-nice walk. Cousin Gen came at 1pm + we had a long visit. Picked up Jeanne + had tea at Fosters. Then Gen stayed for supper + we took her to the bus station about 8 pm. Showers today.”

Wednesday February 8, 1939. “Marion Flack called in the a.m. + came out. Having trouble at home. Took her to lunch + show “Idiot’s Delight.” Good. Home for dinner. Marian and Jeanne to a show. Cold day-saw snow on the mountains across the bay.”

Paramount Theatre SF 1939Honolulu_(1939)mysterious mr

Thursday February 9, 1939 “To three agencies with Marion + to Paramount Theatre. Saw Honolulu + Mr. Moto. Left Marion downtown. Bought Chicken. Chocolate roll. Finished Jeanne’s plaid dress. Cold day + rain. Sam growing a beard.”

Friday February 10, 1939. “Took Bijou for a nice walk in park A.M. Picked Jeanne up after school + tea at Fosters. Nite Tony over-Scotty called up about Marion. Some rain in the A.M. but starts out tonight. Second day of Sam’s beard.

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