Parades, Fireworks, and Noodles

World's Fair Poster

The flurry of parades and fireworks at this time was to herald and celebrate the opening of the San Francisco World’s Fair–just days away for Jeanne and the Husseys.

Tuesday February 14, 1939. “Jeanne + I went to Market Street to see a parade. A very good and gala crowd. ”

Portsmouth Square

“Met Sam at noon + went to Portsmouth Square to see a pic. being made. Had noodles + walked through Chinatown.”

exotic China Town

“Nite: Sam, Jeanne, Tony, + I to Chinatown. Music and fashion show. Lovely Chinese gown. Fog out here!”

Wednesday February 15, 1939. “Walked in the park. Friends of Cy here from L.A. Scotty called. Marion didn’t go home.”

Marina San Francisco

“Nite: Sam, Jeanne, + I to the Marina. Marvelous display of fireworks. Beautiful day + nite.”

Thursday February 16, 1939 “Beautiful day-out to shop. Scotty over, no word from Marion yet. Nite: With Tony, Jeanne + Sam to parade on Clement Street.”

Season Ticket Book

Jeanne’s World’s Fair Tickets, either found or replaced.

Friday February 17, 1939. “Jeanne’s Fair tickets + my bracelet missing + no word from Marion. Nite: Tony, Jeanne, Sam + I to parade + then to Marc’s.”
John's Rendezvousjohns rendevous wine list

“Tony and Jeanne came home + Sam and I went with Marc to John’s Rendezvous. ”

The San Francisco World’s Fair Opened the next day, Saturday February 18, 1939.

I am Dan Soderberg, award winning documentary film maker and phototgrapher specializing in architecture, historic preservation and nature.

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