The Move Is On

2201 14th Street
From the 1936 Voter Registration and Google, showing where the Husseys lived until April 1938. Here the home as it appears today. Thank you Sarai Johnson for the history look-up of where the Husseys resided. Johnson & Johnson Architecture


In March 1938, Helen wrote they had a strong desire for a new house. House hunting was mentioned several times. On April 7, 1938 they put $1,000 down on a house. By April 30, 1938 they completed their move to 2236 Cloverfield Blvd. in Santa Monica. Perhaps one reason they never chose to own real estate again–they lived here only 9 months. And they’d be on the move again several more times in years to come.

Jeanne 1938 Cloverfield Blvd
Jeanne Martin 1938, caption reads “In our backyard at S.M. Cloverfield Blvd.”

Wednesday January 18, 1939. “Exciting day. Said goodbye to Irene. Stopped at the Cooks. Saw Ruth Muller on the way home + she came along. She and her friend Will want to buy the place! Nite: Ruth and Will over–they want the house. Sherry and good time.”

Thursday January 19, 1939. “Ruth and I to attorney Hickson, then to the agent. Settled. Willl joined us for lunch then to L.A. to get Sam. Nite Sara, Jon, Hugh over. Ruth moves in Saturday.”

Friday January 20, 1939.” Busy day + no extra money until nite + not much. Packed. Irene Moore, Mortons over. Ruth and Willl here. To bed about midnight.”

101 Ranch House Cocktail Lounge Restaurant Pacific Highway Oxnard

Saturday January 21, 1939 “Left Santa Monica about 5:30 A.M. in awful downpour. Stopped at Oxnard for breakfast. ” 101 Ranch House Cocktail Lounge Restaurant on Pacific Highway in Oxnard.


“Buellton for bite.” Eating options in/around Buelllton. Notice the two streetcars as bookends of the building.


“Pismo Beach lunch.”


Salinas for a bite.


“Arrived south of San Francisco at an auto court at 6:30. Called Tony – no answer. To bed about 8 P.M.” Illustrative only–San Mateo is South of San Francisco, but so are a lot of other places and possible auto courts where they may have stayed.

I am Dan Soderberg, award winning documentary film maker and phototgrapher specializing in architecture, historic preservation and nature.
  • Zack

    In contrast to our family the Husseys lived a social whirl. Hussey must have had a substantial income for the times. Saving a thousand bucks in 1938 while living the high life. Either Helen was a great money manager or a dollar went a lot further in those days. Their life sounds fun!

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