Diary of Helen Hussey

Roosevelt Tinkers With Thanksgiving


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Wednesday November 22, 1939 “To the Paramount – Garbo in Ninotchka – good. Bought 2,000 tissues – Nite library. Read till 11:30.


Thursday November 23, 1939 “Thanksgiving Day. Moved ahead a week early this year by the President. Jeanne and Duke to the Poly – Lowell game. Sam and I on the grandest ride down the coast to Half Moon Bay. Back through the Redwoods and Skyline Boulevard. Perfect warm day. At nite Jeanne and Duke to two shows. Sam and I read. I shampooed, etc.”


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President Franklin D. Roosevelt carves the turkey during the annual Thanksgiving dinner for polio patients at Warm Springs, Ga., with first lady Eleanor Roosevelt smiling beside him, Dec. 1, 1933. (AP Photo)
FDR’s intention was to give retailers an extra week for Christmas shoppers in the November of 1939 which had five Thursdays. The custom prior to that, and since Lincoln, was to celebrate Thanksgiving on the last Thursday of November. So FDR decided five Thursdays was one too many before Christmas and decreed Thanksgiving be moved up a week. The move was not popular. After trying that for two years, Congress adopted a compromise – establishing Thanksgiving Day as a National holiday on the Fourth Thursday of every November regardless if there were four or five November Thursdays in a given year.  

Friday November 24, 1939 “Jeanne and I to town – to Newsreel Theatre. Nite – Sam and I to town and window Shopped. Saw a big fire at Front and Pine Street. Took cable car home.


Saturday November 25, 1939 “Rained last night. but nice today. Picked up Sam at Jac’s. Rode with Tony in afternoon. Big Game today – University of Clarita 32 – Standford 14. Nite at home and read.”

From the San Francisco Municipal Record.
Jacopetti’s – Speciatiling in the Finest TURKEY SANDWICHES
Ham, Cheese, Sardine, etc. — Free Buffet Lunch
Beverages — Full Line — Rainier Beer
No. 1 Columbus Avenue, corner Washington
E. JACOPETTI, GArfield 6498 J. CASSINELLI ,GArfield 9260screen-shot-2016-11-22-at-11-50-37-amGuessing that Number one Columbus Ave was on the right. This is looking from where the Transamerica building is today.

Family Archives - Bijouy

Sunday November 26, 1939 “It was a grand day. Tony, Duke, Jeanne, Sam and I to Sonoma, Santa Rosa, Mark West Springs – Perfect! Country gorgeous Autumn coloring. Saw a car over a cliff near a bridge. Nite – Hi Balls and Radio. Duke was here.

Family Archives - Jeanne
I keep looking for Duke in the Polytechnic Year Books. This is from June of 1939. But I’ve been looking in the Fall of 1939 and the June 1940 editions as well. No luck. It doesn’t help that only seniors get their first names listed at Polytechnic

Monday November 27, 1939 “Swell day. Cleaned house and went to town. Letter from Irene – Mack in jail! Nite – answered Irene’s letter.”

Family Archives
Irene De Young and Helen Hussey

Tuesday November 28, 1939 “Sent suit to Sara and things to Irene. Walked along Land’s End Cliffs with cat on a leash. Gorgeous day.


Family Archives
Helen and Pancho – no leash
Diary of Helen Hussey

Bijou Got Lost In The park

Family Archives - Bijouy
Hussey’s much beloved Bijou


Wednesday November 15, 1939 “Vacuumed in the A.M. Went to matinee at the Alexandria and saw Stanley and Livingstone. Nite – read. And to bed early.

Thursday November 16, 1939 “Gorgeous day. Housework. And then to walk in the park. Nite – Tony and I to the Coliseum – saw Golden Boy with Blackmail.



Friday November 17, 1939 “Up early and walked in the park with Sam. Another perfect day. Drove Sam to work. Came back through the Presidio. To the zoo and another walk in the park. Nite – Fillmore Street to get stuff for supper. To bed early.

AAA Calendar San Francisco

Saturday November 18, 1939 “Prepared turkey, etc. Afternoon Terry over. Jeanne, Terry, and I listened to the Santa Clara – U.C.L.A game. Sam napped. Nite to Waldrons. Records by Carl Sandburg. Home by 12:15 Tom Collins.


Sunday November 19, 1939 “Gen and Jess over for swell dinner. Drove them through the Presidio. Then to Oakland. Grand warm day. Nite – Sam and I several highballs and listened to the radio.”

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Monday November 20.1939 “Downtown to pay phone bill. Window shopping and went to the Warfield to see Cat and the Canary. Back home and went with Mrs. H. to Lachman’s Furniture. Nite – up till 11 reading Jamaica Inn.”

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Tuesday November 21, 1939 “Bijou got lost in the park for a short time this morning. Took Sam to work. Shopped, and in the afternoon went to the Presidio to see 30th infantry parade. Very interesting.


 The 1941 30th Infantry review, at the Presido’s Crissy Field. This image shows Lieutenant Colonel Dwight D. Eisenhower (General Thompson’s Chief of Staff and future United States President) in the image (middle of second row facing the photographer).

Photo Credit: Courtesy of the Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley.



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The House Of Lincoln


It’s a Greek Revival house that was the home of Abraham and Mary Lincoln 17 years. They bought it in 1844 for $1,200.
The house had been the home of Rev. Charles Dresser who performed the marriage Ceremony for Abe and Mary two years earlier in 1842.

Today it is the Lincoln Home National Historic Site. The home has been restored, and the look we see today is an interpretation of the year 1860 – the year of Lincoln’s election as President.

Highlights of that year of significance include Her husband receiving the Republican nomination for President on May 18th, and the next day they greet members of the notification committee in this home.

1860 also marks the last year the couple lived in the home.

On  FEBRUARY 6, 1861 the Lincolns held a farewell reception; and departed for Washington on February 11.