All About Town As December Arrives


Wednesday November 29, 1939 “Up Early and to the park with Sam. To Clement Street – shopped. Matinee at the Alexandria. Nite – read.


Thursday November 30, 1939 “Up early and walked in the park with Sam. Downtown bought hat, gloves and blouse. Very cold! Jeanne came home early with a bad cold – went to bed early. Sam and I drank a quart of Port. Good.”


Model Sailing – Spreckels Lake in Golden Gate Park

Friday December 1, 1939 “Jeanne stayed home from school. We walked along Land’s End – Jeanne napped later. Tony phoned. Nite – read and listened to the radio.

Family Archives
Family Archives

Saturday December 2, 1939 Met Tony downtown. Window Shopped. Nite Sam and I to Fillmore and then downtown. Ran into bar opening – Counihans, Tommy’s father and uncle, cowboy – etc…Fun. Home at 2 AM. Duke over – sent Jeanne a nice bouquet.

Sunday December 3, 1939 Hangover. Duke came over and we all went to Land’s End. Duke here for dinner.

Duke and Helen. After high school Jeanne and Duke were no longer dating, but they all remained friends. This is Duke with Helen somewhere in Southern California after he got married. He came visiting the Martin/Husseys with his bride. I sense Duke enjoyed a high level of Helen’s approval.

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The Palace Hotel, middle. Call Building, distance.

Monday December 4, 1939 Met Tony at 5. To the Palace and then Hoffman’s for dinner. To opening at the Curran. Leo Carrillo in Bumble Bee. Very slow.

San Francisco Landmark #144: Hoffman Grill Building. Historic building got swallowed by a new beast. But at least it got saved.

Tony Schmidt. Helen’s constant companion in San Francisco. 

Tuesday December 5, 1939 To town and did first Christmas shopping. Sam worked overtime. Picked him up and we drank wine.





I am Dan Soderberg, award winning documentary film maker and phototgrapher specializing in architecture, historic preservation and nature.

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