Kiss The Boys Goodbye


An ongoing series illustrating the diary of my grandmother Helen Hussey. Current entries: The San Francisco Sojourn 1939-1940.


Monday May 15, 1939 “Met Tony at 4:30. Had dinner at Veneto.”


“Then to the first night for ‘Kiss The Boys Goodbye.’ Sam worked late. Jeanne went to the Golden Gate Theater with Al.”
Tuesday May 16, 1939. “Took several of loads of stuff over to the new flat. Took Zella Reilly over in the afternoon. Nite: read and radio.”

Wednesday May 17, 1939. “Movers came at 2pm, cost $121.95. Plumber set up the stove. Cost $4.75. Hardly got anything done after. Had dinner at Betty’s. Nite: Hortense called. Went to bed early–tired. Letter from Irene and B.”

Thursday May 18, 1939. “Unpacked dishes, put books away. Ordered phone. Nite: Sam and Harry R. took trunks and pans over. Tony came over and showed her the flat.”

Friday May 19, 1939. “Straightened up the flat. Marc brought Eve and Sam home–crab and prawns for dinner. Marc back later with sherry–quite an evening. Our first nite at 4320 Fulton. Ruth called from Santa Monica.

Street Scene Chinatown

Saturday May 20, 1939. “Bought a lot of odds and ends for the house. Jeanne and I picked up Sam at two and had noodles in Chinatown. Back home then Jeanne and I went to the show. Back home and eats. Then to Reilly’s for one drink.”

Sunday May 21, 1939. “Moved everything today. Was charged for cleaning! Tony and Phil over late afternoon. Carola and Joe came in about 10:30. Sat up for short time drinking sherry.”


Monday May 22, 1939. “Refrigerator works! Had the car greased, oil change, etc $9.15 Jeanne and Carola out. Back with tennys, and out again this evening. Sam home at nearly 9 PM.”


Tuesday May 23, 1939. “Party! Cerwins, Hughes, MacHenry and gal, Harry Lerner and gal. First at Mark Hopkins…”


“To the Blue Fox…”

“La Conga…”

Finocchio3 Finocchios4
“There was a fight at Finocchios…”


“Club 440…”

“Vanessi’s. Met Rena Borzage and brother. Swell time. Home at 2 am.”


I am Dan Soderberg, award winning documentary film maker and phototgrapher specializing in architecture, historic preservation and nature.

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