Found A Place

4320 Fulton

Tuesday May 9, 1939. “House hunted. Found a place on Fulton that I think we’ll take. Nite at Tony’s.”

Wednesday May 10, 1939 “Rented 4320 Fulton. Will move on the 20th when rent starts. Wrote to Ruth. Picked Jeanne up after school.”

Thursday May 11. “Took Bijou to the park-nice-foggy. To the library. Bought shelf paper-out to the flat after meeting Jeanne. Nite-read+radio.”


Woodlawn Memorial Cemetery south of San Francisco in Colma. The 1909 view after the earthquake, and the view today.

Friday May 12, 1939. “Took Gen to Woodlawn. Met Jeanne after school and went to Foster’s for tea. Took Gen downtown and met Sam. Stopped and got crabs at Fisherman’s wharf. Nite-sherry.

1 Columbus

The 1939 City Directory lists Jacopetti’s Restaurant at 1 Columbus Street. It’s tough to tell for sure this is it. A number 1 appears, but numbers got moved around sometimes in the wake of major redevelopment. This site is across from Transamerica and other huge new buildings.

Saturday May 13, 1939 “With Sam + Marc to Jacopetti’s. To Aquatic Park. To the new flat. At nite Eve joined us, and to Vanessi’s. Then John’s Rendezvous, Izzy’s + William Tell House. At home Jeanne had rolling chair boy there, and we took him home. Bed about 3.


Helen has mentioned the rolling chairs before. I haven’t found much about them–except in movie footage you can see them. You get pushed around the fair in a rolling chair by a rolling chair boy! At 6:20 in this film you can see. The whole film is worth having a look.

Sunday May 14, 1939 “Carola here. We went to Aquatic Park + Fisherman’s Wharf. Furniture for the new flat will be coming on Wednesday. Jeanne gave me a fishnet turban and a giraffe lapel pin.”



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