BAyview 7951

Point Montara Lighthouse

Wednesday January 25, 1939 “Took a ride down the coast with Phil. Got back + took a walk through the park to Poly High to meet Jeanne after school.”
Clement-25-Nov-1940 as Smart Object-1
“Then to shop at Clement Street.”
Joe Louis Knocking Out John Henry Lewis
“Nite: Sam, Jeanne, and I went to Tony’s to listen to fights. Joe Louis knocked John H. Lewis out in two minutes and some seconds of 1st round. Grand weather today.”

1938muni as Smart Object-1
Thursday January 26, 1939. “Washed a few things. Signed for a phone. Phil over in the afternoon. Walked in the park. Nite: Sam and I took street car to the beach. Very heavy fog.”


Friday January 27, 1939 “Rain! Took Bijou out early in the rain. Picked up Jeanne after school, shopped + then for a long walk in the park during a dry spell. Bedding arrived today + phone got connected. BAyview 7951. Sam home late – 8:30.”


I am Dan Soderberg, award winning documentary film maker and phototgrapher specializing in architecture, historic preservation and nature.

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