Taking a Job in San Francisco

From Helen Hussey’s Diary Thursday January 5, 1939.

“Poured rain today. Jeanne spent day at Mercedes (a friend). Wrote six letters. Nite – Sam got a call from Kemp in San Francisco. Job open there. He is to call there tomorrow. Wonder what will eventuate.”

Criterion Santa Monica
Image Source: westside-historic.tumblr.com

Friday January 6, 1939. “To Santa Monica in A.M.-banking. Afternoon to the Criterion-Shining Hour and Citadel.”

ShiningHour as Smart Object-1citadel as Smart Object-1

The Shining Hour – (Original Trailer)

Showgirl Joan Crawford marries wealthy Melvyn Douglas then has to deal with his family in Frank Borzage’s The Shining Hour (1938)

The Citadel – (Original Trailer)

A struggling doctor is tempted to give up his ideals for a posh high-society practice in The Citadel (1938), directed by King Vidor.

Olympic_Auditorium_ca1924 as Smart Object-1

Grand Olympic Auditorium, Los Angeles.

“Nite. To wrestling matches. Unusually good. Sam called San Francisco + accepted job. 3 weeks-which means busy times ahead trying to dispense of things.”

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