San Diego Autumn

San Diego doesn’t experience a dramatic Autumn or Fall. It is more a continuation of Summer but with cooler temperatures and shorter days. In my garden the tomato vines all expired. But it is still warm enough for volunteers to sprout right up. I even have new pumpkin vines sprouting. I bought the hanging flower baskets last spring. They suffered a bit through the hottest weeks of summer. But as you can see, they’ve come roaring back.

That is a rather giant night blooming jasmine bush by the front fence and gate. Last winter I cut this bush back to a nub. But it came back like gang-busters. Those branches are loaded with blossoms which flood the evening air thickly with jasmine. So sweet you can almost taste it.

The cosmos and marigolds thrive on. Bird of paradise are opening. And the dichondra is more than happy.

I am Dan Soderberg, award winning documentary film maker and phototgrapher specializing in architecture, historic preservation and nature.
  • Zack

    Nicest house on the block. Mighty purdy.

  • Zack

    Fall in San Diego is like New England compared to this godforsaken desert (Vegas).

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