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Midcentury car wash – Jet Car Wash 941 W Manchester Blvd Inglewood, CA 90301

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Mission Valley Center


Mission Valley Center terrazzo dinosaur. The shopping center as work of art.

May Co Mission Valley Center Opening Ceremonies





























February 20, 1961 “Everybody and their dog” at the opening ceremonies at Mission Valley Center, and the anchor store May Co. Notice the band leader raising his baton on this side of the fountain. A great exciting day in San Diego.

May Co085a









































There’s a design challenge when the building you’re creating is a box. Today builders have no shame putting up plain stucco boxes. Bam, that’s all you get. But back when quality went into design, there came solutions such as demonstrated in the May Co building. A playful pattern of geometric form. I’ve noticed a similar attention to detail in another Bill Lewis designed building, the Mormon Temple in San Diego. Notice geometrical patterns in that building, especially in the glass. When I met Bill Lewis and told him of my observation he smiled. Then I said “you seem to like the molecular design of snowflakes.” He replied “I’m glad you said that. Thank you. You’re right!”

So have a look at the detail of this photo. You may never look at the May Co building quite the same way again. And hopefully appreciate it in a new way. Too bad they painted it that drab awful color. Dull beige. It was once the golden color of sunshine and stood out brilliantly under a blue San Diego sky.

Mission Valley Center Snap shots 4


























Mission Valley Center fountain and sculpture. Wonderful landscaping. The terrazzo dinosaur and children’s sand area is just past the walkway.

Mission Valley Center Snap shots 1


























Children played while grown ups shopped. Not how it works nowadays.

Mission Valley Center Snap shots 2



























Dad in charge of watching the playground. Mom shopped,

Mission Valley Center Snap shots 3



























Parking was under the mall. Shops above the flood plane.

Mission Valley Center Snap shots 5



























Montgomery Wards in the background.

Mission Valley Center Snap shots 7Mission Valley Center Snap shots 6

















The grainy snapshots don’t completely convey the wonderful atmosphere. For those who were there our memories know.



































The “Wide Stance” was John Delorian’s contribution to Pontiac. The 1959 Pontiac.





























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