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Monday January 30, 1939. “Showers today. Drove to the beach. Took Bijou walking then drove through the Presidio. Stopped at Gertrude Meyers. She didn’t remember me at first. Bought walking shoes. Met Jeanne at school. Went to Foster’s for tea. Letter from Irene, card from Carola. Wrote to Kings and Irene.”

Tuesday January 31, 1939. “Phil over early. Walked to Stow Lake. The the museum in the afternoon. To corner stores. Nite: read. Showers and hail storm.
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The 1917 Downtown Library. Library moved to a new building in 1996. The old main library, which was damaged in the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake, was rebuilt as the new Asian Art Museum.

Wednesday February 1, 1939. “Bold, bright day. Went downtown to the library. Walked Bijou in the park. Saw two “skips.” Went to the African Museum + Natural History Museum. Saw exhibit of semi precious stones. Phil over for a few minutes in the evening. Read + Radio.”  The word “skips” refers to someone skipping class. Based on Jeanne’s record as a bit rebellious as a school student, one of those “skips” Helen saw might have been Jeanne.

Thursday February 2, 1939 “Rainy day. Out to shop. Branch library + picked up Jeanne from school. Marc M. called up. Letter from Scotty. Tony over in evening. ”
Izzy Gomez

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Izzy Gomez place was at 848 Pacific Street. From James R. Smith: “Izzy’s Cafe was a gathering place for aspiring artists. Famed writer William Saroyan, himself a regular at Izzy’s, immortalized the place, its characters and their situations in his play, The Time of Your Life. Gomez prided himself on the fact that no one left his place hungry. Izzy’s big heart and expansive nature earned him friends at every layer of San Francisco society. He gave away meals to writers, friends and those down and out that caught his eye. The 300-pound tavern keeper, wearing his ever-present black fedora, served great food – thick steaks, crisp fried chicken, huge platters of French-fried potatoes and big salads, all presented with good homemade grappa at two bits a glass, available even during Prohibition.” Izzy’s Cafe was demolished in 1952.

Friday February 3, 1939. “Took Jeanne to school + drove to the beach. The sea was marvelous. Gen called. Talked with Walter. Several letters today. Nite: with Sam to see Marc M. + two of his friends. Went to Izzy Gomez place. Drank and danced – lots of fun.

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