Historic Neon and Signage

Stark’s Steak & Seafood  521 Adams St, Santa Rosa, CA 95401



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Campus Drive In dsoderblog.com

6147 El Cajon Boulevard, San Diego, CA 92115 The Campus Drive-In was built in 1948. It had a capacity for 900 cars. This drive-in closed around 1983 and was demolished. The baton twirling majorette portion of this neon masterpiece was saved, and she’s currently alive and well at College Grove Center  3450 College Grove Ave San Diego, California 92115


Desert Inn Motel Rescan

The Desert Inn Motel was located  6160 El Cajon Boulevard. Once part of the neon glory days of El Cajon Blvd.


Cheto’s Shoe Repair. The sign located at 2911 University Avenue has been dark for years. The shop itself has moved to a new location a block away. But being the sign is a historic landmark, it remains at 2911 University Avenue.


The historic Hillcrest neon sign. The historic sign was discarded in favor of glaring white LED – most unattractive. Most deservedly won the Hillcrest BIA an “Onion Award” at San Diego’s annual “Orchid and Onion Awards.”


Conversely Kensington opted the keep theirs as a historic landmark on the city register of its historic sites, thus preserving the warmth and nostalgic look historic neon provides.

Loma Theatre

The 1945 S. Charles Lee designed Loma Theatre, now Bookstar. The great neon has been restored, and much of the interior detailing is intact. Sadly the gorgeous shiny historic terrazzo entrance is gone.

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