Fireman Brought Me Home

An ongoing series illustrating the diary of my grandmother Helen Hussey. Current entries: The San Francisco Sojourn 1939-1940.


Sunday April 16, 1939. “Jeanne and I to the Fair. Very Windy. Saw redwood boxes at the Redwood Empire section. Listened to marimbas. Saw Juan Mertins for a short time. Home about ten.

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Monday April 17, 1939 “Reported an accident. Two cops came-made it a lot of bother. Picked up Jeanne after school. Nite: Joe Lewis knocked out Jack Roper after 2 min + 20 seconds in first round. ”

Thursday April 20, 1939 “Received $50 from Santa Monica. Went downtown. Paid phone bill. Bought hat, gloves, hose + a girdle. To the library and Clement Street. Heavy fog. ”

Friday April 21, 1939 “Quiet day. Wrote letters and sent money orders. Apartment agent here-will try to locate us a place. Phoned Tony. Sam gone to the store for wine. Foggy day.”

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Saturday April 22, 1939 “Jeanne and I to the Fair. Free coffee at Brazil pavilion. Jeanne to the dance at nite with the Salvidor Commissioner. Met Pete Brescido from Santa Monica. Sam and I sat up wining.”

Sunday April 23, 1939 “Sam and I to the Park. Saw the W.P. A. art exhibit. Marvelous! Nite: Jeanne, Sam, and I up late drinking Collins.”

Monday April 24, 1939 “Nice day. Walked to the beach. Back to school for Jeanne. Letters from Gen + Francisco. Pete Breceda over at nite.”

Tuesday April 25, 1939 “Letter and money from Ruth. Went to town and bought a sweater, etc… Nite to Tony’s. Home + wine.”

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Wednesday April 26, 1939 “Jeanne and I to the fair. To the Chinese Village and Fortune Telling Bird. On the ferry home sat with Juan Mertins and Carlos. Met the Guatemala Commish. Home About 9:30.”

ChineseVillageTorutuneTelling Birds

Thursday April 27, 1939 “Met Sam at Marcs. then met Ruth + to Vanessis. After several drinks met Jerry + Marie there. Later Sam and I to Sinaloa + Izzy’s. Total blank after, until coffee in the fire station.”

Friday April 28, 1939 “Fireman brought me home. In bed most of the day. Felt horrible.”

I am Dan Soderberg, award winning documentary film maker and phototgrapher specializing in architecture, historic preservation and nature.

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