Building 14


They were a 90’s band called Building 14. I worked with Eric Chase (middle) at Photo and Sound Company.

The House Of Lincoln


It’s a Greek Revival house that was the home of Abraham and Mary Lincoln 17 years. They bought it in 1844 for $1,200.
The house had been the home of Rev. Charles Dresser who performed the marriage Ceremony for Abe and Mary two years earlier in 1842.

Today it is the Lincoln Home National Historic Site. The home has been restored, and the look we see today is an interpretation of the year 1860 – the year of Lincoln’s election as President.

Highlights of that year of significance include Her husband receiving the Republican nomination for President on May 18th, and the next day they greet members of the notification committee in this home.

1860 also marks the last year the couple lived in the home.

On  FEBRUARY 6, 1861 the Lincolns held a farewell reception; and departed for Washington on February 11.


Vintage Bus – Vintage Burger Joint

mcdonalds-downey-vw-buss_alt_dsc0249World’s oldest McDonald’s – Downey, CA The site also features a sit down dining area in addition to the walk up windows. And there is the McDonald’s History Museum. The billboard on the right urges motorists to not let history pass you by – stop in for a burger and visit the museum.

Randy’s Donuts – Inglewood, CA


Built in 1953 as the Big Donut Drive In this Los Angeles landmark is an example of programatic/thematic  architecture that was once a rage in Southern California. An architecture related to roadside convenience for freeway laden modern society. There’s a great book by Jim Heimann and Rip Geoges about this type of architecture titled California Crazy – Roadside Vernacular Architecture. Chronicling the times when architecture was allowed to be distinctive and fun.