Breakfast At Venezia

Daybreak at Basilica San Marco, Venice. Workers hose and scrub the Piazzetta.

Gondolas on the Grand Canal looking toward Punta della Dogana

Gondolas under protective drape.

Gondola Captains await their customers.

But the “streets” of Venice were quiet.

The milk man makes his rounds. Two men (left) walk and talk politics.

A chef with fresh produce in hand for the morning fixins stops to talk futbol with a friend.

The ladies lament grocery prices have never been higher.

The morning commute in Venice is either by foot or boat.

I am Dan Soderberg, award winning documentary film maker and phototgrapher specializing in architecture, historic preservation and nature.
  • C Custer

    You really excel in photographing water reflections. I love this entire collection. It is a gift.



  • Daniel Soderberg

    A note on the Milkman Making His Rounds photo. There are steps descending into the canal, left side. The first step is dark in color but not wet looking. I stepped there to explore an angle. That dark color turned out to be a most slippery algae. My feet shot from under me and I did a massive fanny flop into the grungy canal water. Somehow I saved the camera from getting wet.

  • Zack

    A thing like that can ruin your day. I would be furious.

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