Baseball Matinee In Friars Town 4/26/2015



Padres Beat The Dodgers 3-1. Very well played game on both sides.


He’s surrounded by best friends, except they don’t all support his team! If anyone knows these guys let them know I’ll send them the complete set of pix. I gave them my card, but haven’t heard back yet.
Padres_Dodgers_Apr26_2015_0557 Padres_Dodgers_Apr26_2015_0539 Padres_Dodgers_Apr26_2015_0526 Padres_Dodgers_Apr26_2015_0514 Padres_Dodgers_Apr26_2015_0505 Padres_Dodgers_Apr26_2015_0504 Padres_Dodgers_Apr26_2015_0503 Padres_Dodgers_Apr26_2015_0478 Padres_Dodgers_Apr26_2015__0517 Padres_Dodgers_Apr24_2015_0477

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