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The Campus Drive In

The neon masterpiece stood at El Cajon Boulevard at College Ave in San Diego – Razed 1983. The Majorette Portion of the neon was preserved and is presented today by Save our Heritage Organisation at College Grove shopping center.

Historic Neon and Signage

Stark’s Steak & Seafood  521 Adams St, Santa Rosa, CA 95401          6147 El Cajon Boulevard, San Diego, CA 92115 The Campus Drive-In was built in 1948. It had a capacity for 900 cars. This drive-in closed around 1983 and was demolished. The baton twirling majorette portion of this neon masterpiece was saved, and

Let’s Save the State Theatre Terrazzo

Image courtesy of the El Cajon Boulevard BIA. San Diego was once dotted with neighborhood movie theaters that were as much a neighborhood fixture as the coffee shop or the dime store.  The State Theatre at 4730 El Cajon Boulevard was San Diego’s state-of-the-art neighborhood movie theatre when it opened on August 28, 1940. The

Boulevard Memories: The Neon

A fellow Boulevard fan, Steve Freed–who grew up around The Strip–remembers El Cajon Boulevard as “a sea of neon.” “Not only was it a sea of neon,” he said, “but it was animated neon.” Frank The Trainman, though actually addressed on Park Boulevard, is poised in perfect view at the head of El Cajon Boulevard.

The Campus and The College

There was probably no landmark more associated with The Boulevard than the Campus Drive In Movie Theatre. From 1948 The Campus Drive In was famous for its 50-x 80-foot neon mural and 46-foot tall majorette complete with twirling baton and Indian headdress. The background scene of the mural included the old SDSU campanile–Hepner Hall– the